Fleas (Siphonaptera)

Extremely small and invading by the thousands, Fleas can be a real nuisance. Although primarily active during the warmer months, fleas can be a problem any time of the year. They feed on the blood of a host animal such as a dog, cat or even you! They can deliver an itchy bite and even transfer diseases from host to host. Their life cycle makes controlling fleas incredibly difficult as the adults are often the only ones that are removed by the treatments. We utilize a growth regulator to break their life cycle and prevent them from reproducing and re-infesting. Contact us today to schedule a time to begin treating your flea problem!

** It is important to note that while we can treat the structure to control a flea problem, it may be necessary to contact a veterinarian to have your pet treated for their health, safety, and to help prevent future infestations of the structure.