Mosquitoes can ruin a nice summer evening in a heartbeat. Instead of hanging out on you deck or patio with friends enjoying a nice BBQ, you spend most of your time swatting these unwanted guests and ending up lathering hydrocortisone all over the annoying and extremely itchy bites! Mosquitoes are certainly a nuisance, but they carry much more than an annoyingly painful bite with them! More people have been killed throughout history due to mosquito transmitted diseases than in all wars throughout history combined! Studies have shown that over 80% of people state that mosquitoes are a major pest problem at their home! Sadly, it is also one of the least likely problems for which people will seek the help of a professional. Marksman Pest Control utilizes specifically designed equipment to treat for mosquitoes where they harbor during daylight hours to dramatically reduce the live population as well as coating the surfaces with a residual product that will continue killing and deterring mosquitoes after the service. Give Marksman Pest Control a call today and reclaim your yard!