These days it is common for people to want to know more about the products and chemicals used in their homes and around their families.  For those  customers that are concerned with the safety of traditional pest control products Marksman Pest Control now offers an all natural option utilizing essential oils! Insect exoskeletons are made of an oily substance and these all natural products break down this exoskeleton and dry the pests out. It also impedes breathing and repels the pests away from your home or business in the first place. All while being completely safe for your family because we don’t have an exoskeleton to be affected and safe for the environment because the oils are completely natural! If eco-friendly, all natural pest control interest you please contact us today and be sure to mention that you’re interested in natural pest control options when you call! We are happy to be able to provide an effective pest control service that is safer for you and your family and safer for the planet!



As part of our continued effort to provide for our customers and to help support eco-friendly products and services we are currently offering, for anyone that purchases a service from Marksman Pest Control,  a $25 gift certificate for “We’re Green Clean”.  An environmentally friendly cleaning service for your home or office! Marksman Pest Control and We’re Green Clean are devoted to providing quality services for you and your home or business while protecting the planet as well!

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