Its a nice summer weekend and you have friends over for a barbecue when you go into the kitchen for a little more potato salad and BAM! ANTS!!! They’re everywhere! All over the counter, crawling up the walls, covering your famous apple pie! What do you do? Break out the can of ant spray and go to town on those uninvited little %^(&$$&!!!! Right?? NO! What most people don’t know is that with many breeds of ants improper treatment can spread the problem and make it worse. Certain species of ants are prone to a process called “budding”. Budding is a process where a queen and workers will leave the safety of the colony and break out on their own to create a new colony in a new location. Despite popular belief, many species of ants do not have just one queen in a colony. Colonies can have multiple queens and improperly treating these types of colonies can have a horrible effect! You can cut off a segment of ants from their main colony causing them to join together and create a new colony. Chemical treatments can also stress the main colony causing it to create more queens and send them out in the world, making your problem exponentially worse! So, next time you have a trail of these annoying little boogers ruining your day don’t break out that can of ant spray and instead break out your phone and give us a call! Marksman Pest Control has the experience and proper products to treat your ant problem the right way, not just chase them around and make them spread.

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